PKP Project trains

Rail Infrastructure Monitoring

Drone-powered data capture and analytics platform empowered PKP PLK to optimize project timelines, streamline workflows, and achieve significant cost savings while enhancing project transparency.
March 2023

The Solution

SightNav Team introduced a groundbreaking solution utilizing advanced drone technology and 3D modeling. Our drones captured high-resolution aerial imagery, which was then processed into detailed 3D models and analyzed through our proprietary analytics platform. This provided PKP PLK with real-time insights into project progress, terrain changes, and potential issues.

Transformative Results

Streamlined Monitoring

SightNav Team's solution significantly accelerated PKP PLK's infrastructure monitoring. Real-time data access enabled project managers to make informed decisions quickly, optimizing timelines and efficiency.

Enhanced Accuracy

High-resolution 3D models provided PKP PLK with unprecedented accuracy for assessing construction progress, identifying potential bottlenecks, and verifying contractor work.

Significant Cost Savings

By replacing helicopter surveys with drones, PKP PLK drastically reduced their data acquisition costs, achieving substantial financial savings