Warsaw Musuem map

Transforming History with Cutting-Edge 3D Mapping

The Warsaw Uprising Museum sought an innovative way to engage visitors and enhance their understanding of the historic 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Traditional exhibits and displays had limitations in conveying the full scale and complexity of this significant event.
Warsaw Uprising Museum
March 2022

The Solution

SightNav Team partnered with the Warsaw Uprising Museum to meticulously map historical landmarks and sites of significance related to the Uprising. Utilizing aerial and terrestrial data capture, we created highly detailed 3D models that were integrated into an interactive museum exhibit.

Transformative Results

Immersive Experience

Visitors gained a unique, interactive perspective of the Warsaw Uprising. The 3D map allowed them to explore the city as it was during the uprising, visualize key locations, and gain a deeper understanding of the historical context.

Enhanced Educational Value

The 3D exhibit complemented the Museum's existing collections, providing an additional layer of contextual information and enhancing the learning experience for visitors of all ages

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

The project contributed to the digital preservation of historic Warsaw, ensuring that future generations can continue to learn from and interact with this crucial period of history.